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The Jessica System

The JESSICA Nail Cultivation System® helps you to obtain healthy, natural nails. No matter how great a manicure looks at first, within a few days its beauty will fade without a healthy nail foundation underneath. 

Hand & Cuticle Care:

  • Phenom Oil: Heals and intensively nourishes dry cuticles. Promotes nail growth and keeps nails supple. Forms a highly intensive treatment for dry cuticles when used with Nourish.   
  • $7.00 1/2oz                  $16.50  4oz             $153.00  48 pc bucket           
  • Nourish: Heals and conditions cuticles, helps reduce inflammation and redness. Shrinks cuticles in a natural manner.  $7.00

Custom Basics (Basecoats):

  • Rejuvenation: Increases moisture level, conditioning, strengthening, giving flexibility. Replenishes protein needed in nail.  $5.00
  • Recovery: Provides superior adhesion to bond much needed moisture to the nail; provides strength and flexibility to make nails more resilient.    $5.00
  • Reward: Keep natural nail healthy, strong and flexible. Promotes growth, conditions and protects nail.   $5.00
  • Restoration: Regenerates the nail after the damage caused by acrylics; heals and improves the structure and condition of the nail from foundation to surface.    $7.75


  • Life Jacket: Strengthens and cushions the nail for maximum protection; prevents breakage and helps the nails remain pliable and flexible.    $6.00
  • Critical Care: Increases amount of free amino acids present to promote keratinization while forming a protective film; bonds nail layers together; resists chipping, peeling and splitting, strengthens and adds flexibility to the nail.   $9.00
  • Flawless: Fills in ridges and conceals imperfections thereby creating a smooth surface to give the appearance of a flawless nail.    $6.00
  • Fusion: Binds the nail layers together and conditions to promote nail growth by strengthening it and making it flexible.   $7.00


  • Top Priority: Protects nail and polish, extends wear ability of nail polish for up to 2 weeks, creates a barrier against breakage and everyday wear and tear.   $5.75
  • Quick Dry: Protects nail polish, prevents scratching, smudging, or wrinkling, dries manicures and pedicures in a minute.  $7.00
  • Brilliance: High gloss shine, non yellowing, chip resistant, extends life of manicure, seals polish.  $5.75
  • Speed Dry Spray: Fast-dry polish dryer that protects nails from smudging. 4 FL oz.   $7.25


  • Bend Don't Break: Maximizes strength, increases flexibility and protects nails from breaking.   $7.75
  • Nibble No More: Bitter Cactus Extract gives nails an undesirable, bitter taste to stop nail biting. Stimulates healthy nail growth.    $5.00
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