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JESSICA Phenom Nail Polish

JESSICA is a Global Leader in Nails. JESSICA Phenom Nail Polish is chip resistant, fast drying, gel-like, and natural. With so many different colour options, you will have no issues finding the perfect shade to match your outfit or mood. With JESSICA you have the confidence of knowing you are using colours exclusively formulated for natural nails so the polish stays on. JESSICA Cosmetics' Custom Colours are rich and smooth, with a depth of color that is shades ahead of the ordinary. All shades are 7-FREE of Formaldehyde resin, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor, DBP, Xylene and Ethyl Tosylamide.


The Jessica System

The JESSICA Nail Cultivation System® helps you to obtain healthy, natural nails. No matter how great a manicure looks at first, within a few days its beauty will fade without a healthy nail foundation underneath. 

Hand & Cuticle Care:

  • Phenom Oil: Heals and intensively nourishes dry cuticles. Promotes nail growth and keeps nails supple. Forms a highly intensive treatment for dry cuticles when used with Nourish.   
  • $7.00 1/2oz                  $16.50  4oz             $153.00  48 pc bucket           
  • Nourish: Heals and conditions cuticles, helps reduce inflammation and redness. Shrinks cuticles in a natural manner.  $7.00

Custom Basics (Basecoats):

  • Rejuvenation: Increases moisture level, conditioning, strengthening, giving flexibility. Replenishes protein needed in nail.  $5.00
  • Recovery: Provides superior adhesion to bond much needed moisture to the nail; provides strength and flexibility to make nails more resilient.    $5.00
  • Reward: Keep natural nail healthy, strong and flexible. Promotes growth, conditions and protects nail.   $5.00
  • Restoration: Regenerates the nail after the damage caused by acrylics; heals and improves the structure and condition of the nail from foundation to surface.    $7.75


  • Life Jacket: Strengthens and cushions the nail for maximum protection; prevents breakage and helps the nails remain pliable and flexible.    $6.00
  • Critical Care: Increases amount of free amino acids present to promote keratinization while forming a protective film; bonds nail layers together; resists chipping, peeling and splitting, strengthens and adds flexibility to the nail.   $9.00
  • Flawless: Fills in ridges and conceals imperfections thereby creating a smooth surface to give the appearance of a flawless nail.    $6.00
  • Fusion: Binds the nail layers together and conditions to promote nail growth by strengthening it and making it flexible.   $7.00


  • Top Priority: Protects nail and polish, extends wear ability of nail polish for up to 2 weeks, creates a barrier against breakage and everyday wear and tear.   $5.75
  • Quick Dry: Protects nail polish, prevents scratching, smudging, or wrinkling, dries manicures and pedicures in a minute.  $7.00
  • Brilliance: High gloss shine, non yellowing, chip resistant, extends life of manicure, seals polish.  $5.75
  • Speed Dry Spray: Fast-dry polish dryer that protects nails from smudging. 4 FL oz.   $7.25


  • Bend Don't Break: Maximizes strength, increases flexibility and protects nails from breaking.   $7.75
  • Nibble No More: Bitter Cactus Extract gives nails an undesirable, bitter taste to stop nail biting. Stimulates healthy nail growth.    $5.00
About the Product
  • Eliminates fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections.
  • No need to remove polish or acrylics! Penetrates with patented delivery system.
  • Intelligent, informed people want more. You are selective in your use of nail care products.
  • You want to be confident that you are getting the proper treatment for your individual nail condition. You are savvy - sometimes from experience - about the healthful or damaging effects of different products and methods.

​.5oz each  $6.95            6pk  $41.00

in stock last week of July

Holiday Trio Custom Mini Polish Set: 3 mini .25oz polish:  Purple Lust - (Purple 3d Glitter Polish),  Hearts on Fire (Red 3d Glitter Polish) and Lights uo the Sky (Blue 3d Glitter Polish)   $9.75
Holiday Duos: Nail Polish & Matching Geleration in the above 3 Glitter Colors in a Gift Box  $12.50 each set
Phenom Trio Gift Sets: Choose- Antique Silver, Gold Vermeil ot Star Sapphire Phenom polish color in a kit with Reward Base Coat & Phenom Final Shine  $11.00 kit
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